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Lazur - One second (Comment by: mustafa 2023-01-08)
That's right, Lazur is not the author in this case.
The creator is Ɓukasz Pazera - a talented artist in the CG animation industry.
Louie - Captured Dreams Title (Comment by: mustafa 2023-01-08)
Title screen of a truly Amiga gem - one of my all time favorites demos.
Madd - Jesus (Comment by: mustafa 2023-01-08)
Bullshit author info - it's not from Madd.
Louie - Me And My Little Sister (Comment by: someone 2022-09-26)
Painfully obvious touched up photo.

None of the classic Amiga pixel artists (or demoscene gfx artists in general) could draw SHIT on their own, let alone photo realistic works from scratch.
Falcon - Arise 1 (Comment by: prowler 2022-01-24)
Clean metal logo, one of the best!! <3
Fairfax - Dreamland (Comment by: Serpent 2021-07-17)
Probs with the perspective and distances there. But the background is nice enough.
Fairfax - Encounter (Comment by: Serpent 2020-10-30)
It's a copy, but fine pixeling. Mountains are great.
Pix - Dreaming (Comment by: prowler 2020-10-16)
Not bad. (the fantasy devil is a Boris Vallejo illustration)
Almighty God - Spiresnonused (Comment by: prowler 2020-10-16)
Love the simple colours and shape herer!
Sachs - Amigalagoon (Comment by: Serpent 2020-03-22)
Sachs - Amigalagoon (Comment by: Serpent 2020-03-22)
Maybe the greatest picture even on Amiga. Sachs later used this as base for his Aquarium screensaver(s).
Pix - Dreaming (Comment by: Serpent 2020-02-19)
Same with Creonix
R.W.O - Zailorpower (Comment by: Serpent 2020-02-19)
No Grip, that's what i sarcastically tried to say too
Zaac - Logo Electric Church (Comment by: Zaac 2020-02-09)
There is an hidden message that appears when you edit the palette and modify the second color...
Pix - Dreaming (Comment by: Creonix 2019-08-17)
I would probably prefer the mountain and the waterfall itself
Made - Enola Gay (Comment by: someone 2019-07-16)
Last weekend I saw this terrible Dennis Rodman action film which had a familiar looking Swedish woman called Emma Wiklund. A quick google and here's the original:
Darkki - High Octane Rampage (Comment by: mailman 2019-04-26)
This one is simply mindblowing.
Rufferto - Ambush R.O.M (Comment by: ptoing 2018-08-26)
Browsing random Amiga OCS pics I noticed that many of them have fudgy colours that do not fall into the 12 bit spectrum. The hex values really should be 00, 11, 22, and so on to ff. 00, 10, 20, to f0 is also acceptable, but too dark imo. This one here has colours all over the place, but they turn out ok if they are converted to stretched 12 bit.

I guess this is due to some older version of WinUAE being weird with colours when not having the right graphics driver selected?
Ra - VirtualDreams (Comment by: Typhoon 2018-05-28)
I agree. A masterpiece.
Ra - Ah Self D. (Comment by: Typhoon 2018-05-28)
I attended The Party 94 when this picture was shown on the big screen and will never forget it. An everlasting classic.
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