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Pix - Dreaming (Comment by: Creonix 2019-08-17)
I would probably prefer the mountain and the waterfall itself
Made - Enola Gay (Comment by: tempest 2019-07-16)
Last weekend I saw this terrible Dennis Rodman action film which had a familiar looking Swedish woman called Emma Wiklund. A quick google and here's the original:
Darkki - High Octane Rampage (Comment by: mailman 2019-04-26)
This one is simply mindblowing.
Rufferto - Ambush R.O.M (Comment by: ptoing 2018-08-26)
Browsing random Amiga OCS pics I noticed that many of them have fudgy colours that do not fall into the 12 bit spectrum. The hex values really should be 00, 11, 22, and so on to ff. 00, 10, 20, to f0 is also acceptable, but too dark imo. This one here has colours all over the place, but they turn out ok if they are converted to stretched 12 bit.

I guess this is due to some older version of WinUAE being weird with colours when not having the right graphics driver selected?
Ra - VirtualDreams (Comment by: Typhoon 2018-05-28)
I agree. A masterpiece.
Ra - Ah Self D. (Comment by: Typhoon 2018-05-28)
I attended The Party 94 when this picture was shown on the big screen and will never forget it. An everlasting classic.
Facet - Griet (Comment by: menace 2017-08-07)
If anyone has the original .iff here, I sure would appreciate if that could be uploaded to
Moroz1999 - Antiglamour (Comment by: El Topo 2017-07-31)
Interesting lighting.
Alko - More (Comment by: El Topo 2017-07-31)
Scary thing to meet while taking a bath.
ptoing - Getting Smurfed (Comment by: spritus 2017-07-28)
hahah funny scene
Nero - Illysium (Comment by: El Topo 2017-07-23)
Creepy, in a nice way.
Oni - Tribe (Comment by: El Topo 2017-07-23)
Great concept!
Jok - Forest Driad - Preview (Comment by: prowler 2017-07-19)
I do like the unfinished roughness of this image!
Marvel - Stb logo (Comment by: prowler 2017-07-19)
Really like this one!
Marvel - Journey (Comment by: prowler 2017-07-19)
I think this image should be in interlace mode.
Nero - Illysium (Comment by: prowler 2017-07-18)
Nice work Nero!! A bit dark for my taste, so -1 (but intentional I am sure).
Piesiu - Cheers (Comment by: ALiEN^bf 2017-05-05)
Nero - Illysium (Comment by: ALiEN^bf 2017-04-25)
Fantastic mood!
Helge - Zador title (hires) (Comment by: ALiEN^bf 2017-04-25)
Hell! This is bloody awesome!
Aomeba - More Is More (Comment by: pohar 2017-03-03)
I really like this image!
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