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Zailorpower by R.W.O
40th in The Party 1994 graphics competition.
release party : The Party 1994
compo : amiga demo
ranked : 14th

This is a false "no copy".
RWO mentioned in this image (zoom on top of the image between clouds to see the text) that it is "no copy 100% mousedrawn" but...
background is rip from the game "agony" (Psygnosis)

see images in this post for more explanations...
Submitted by: CONS - Page loaded: 2080 - Rating: 8 (7 Votes)
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Serpent | 2010-03-16
This really lefts you speechless.
CONS | 2010-07-12
The info from Anarkhya (see the link) cracks the brilliance of the picture a bit. Interesting and thnx for the info!
Unreal | 2010-10-07
how he can do this lameness...ripped background from a well known game : Agony..
Anarkhya | 2012-06-23
Getting back to the cracked brilliance with new infos

Near the end of the demo, there is a brief WIP (only 4 frames) called Anti-Redrawn-Mode of this picture, but, obviously the WIP doesn't mention the background rip-off.

If you wanna see this WIP for yourself > jump at 3:40

On top of that, this is what Scope said in this surprising scroller:
"About the anti-redrawn-mode:
In Arte by Sanity, they show an anti-scan-mode. the example drawn by Ra is very lousy because it's totally redrawn from Jeff Easley, you can find the picure in the book called "the art of AD&D. The picture of the sailor here in this demo by R.W.O. is not a copy. Although Sanity claims something else about R.W.O. in arte, but how should they know?"

Isn't it ironic ?

Grip | 2013-08-07
Am I the only one who thinks this image is kind of crap, copy or not?
Serpent | 2020-02-19
No Grip, that's what i sarcastically tried to say too
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