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The Masters of Pixel Art volume 3 (2019-06-04) | Hits: 2671 | Comments: 1
This book covers contemporary pixel art, both inside and outside the demo-scene.

The Kickstarer is released, running until 1st of July. Or place a pre-order via

Thanks for your support - this book will be awesome!
[Submitted by prowler]
the Nicepixel 2018 Awards (2019-04-09) | Hits: 2503 | Comments: 0
Don't forget to enter your best pixel art to the Nicepixel 2018 Awards:
Deadline is tomorrow, 10th of April! Prizes, fame and ca$h is up for grabs.
[Submitted by prowler]
Out Of Compo - an erotic pixel compo this November! (2018-10-21) | Hits: 2773 | Comments: 0
Out Of Compo is a virtual contest devoted to graphics entries that usually get rejected at demo parties and other public contents - erotic computer art. The contest is helf for 3rd time. Previous years were ZX Spectrum graphics only, this year there is a few more categories - oldschool pixel art for a number of retro platforms, including Commodore 64, modern pixel art, digital painting and 3D renders, and more.

Detailed rules of this year

Entries from 2016
Entries from 2017

Deadline is November 24, 2018. There are prizes in each category for the 1st place, and some stuff for 2nd and 3rd too. Win a compo, and get an extra challenge of getting an international mail delivery!
[Submitted by Shiru]
ZX Spectrum Graphic Compo (2018-07-31) | Hits: 2785 | Comments: 0
this is an info from Irrlicht project!
Please send him Your ZX works to: -email-

The International Symposium on Bits and Beverages presents:

Stellarmode is a graphics mode for the ZX Spectrum, first demonstrated on the
Pentagon by Code Busters in Eye Ache 2
(, and next by Brainwave in Stellar
Contour ( Recently Gasman brought
the graphics mode to standard ZX Spectrum 128K
(, which gives us a great excuse for
holding a competition for it.

Your task is simple: Create a Stellarmode picture, using the tools listed below.
All works will be voted on by the grand jury of the International Symposium on
Bits and Beverages. The winner will receive a printed diploma by mail.


You may use the Stellarpaint online editor to create your works.

If you prefer to use your own editor, simply create a 64x48 pixel image
horiz. x vert.) using the palette supplied here (.png and .gpl format):
Send your image to us in .png format and we'll take care of converting it for
the compo - or, if you prefer, use the Python converter script in the archive
(requires Pillow library) to convert it into Stellarpaint format.


- Deadline: September 16th, 2018
- Send your works to -email-

- Maximum of 2 works per author.
- Original works only, conversions will be disqualified if we find out.
- Preselection will take place in case of high number of submissions and/or low
quality of works.
- Winners will be announced September 22nd, 2018.
- By submitting, you grant us the right to distribute your works free of charge.

[Submitted by yerzmyey]
Motion Graphics Artificial Intelligence (2017-09-23) | Hits: 3048 | Comments: 0
Hello Fellows. I wanted to tell you about a new form of AI created based on graphics. It is a codeless video AI that uses motion graphics to instantly answer user mental inquiry. Music is by FITN.

[Submitted by SPACEY]
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