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Oni - Waystone (Comment by: farf 2016-10-29)
storytelling <3 =)
Unreal (.hu) - Ride From The Hell (Comment by: jok 2016-10-27)
I like colors (and tattoos! on portrait part
don't really understand idea of "car on face"...
Oni - Waystone (Comment by: jok 2016-10-27)
nice colors, fun and well painted
Offwhite - Encounter (Comment by: jok 2016-10-27)
cool! - (and what about finishing pictures ? ;P)
- Here We Go Again (Comment by: jok 2016-10-27)
really nice old-school comic style picture
would look better without typo though
Offwhite - Afternoon Tea (Comment by: jok 2016-10-27)
I don't really know whats happening here - what girl is doing? (she looks a bit flat compared to the rest) - but for me it's 1th place in compo for sure
love to see it in color
Unreal (.hu) - Ride From The Hell (Comment by: Unreal 2016-10-27)
thanks Elko maestro!
Premium - Insane Final (Comment by: Elko 2016-10-25)
Oni - Waystone (Comment by: Elko 2016-10-25)
Christmas goose
Unreal (.hu) - Ride From The Hell (Comment by: Elko 2016-10-25)
Lycan - La Rafiot (Comment by: Elko 2016-10-25)
Great !
Jok - Tales From The Forest (Comment by: Elko 2016-10-15)
ahhh cool, hope to see the final one soon as possible. 32 Colors and party-version ... respect, good job <3

i am pretty sure: u missed a lot of party-activities
Oni - Express Delivery (Comment by: Nodepond 2016-10-14)
What a great work. I love it and inspired me so much for doing future things.
Jok - Tales From The Forest (Comment by: jok 2016-10-14)
painted at party place in 12h, so party version is far from perfect
(now picture is finished - I will try to upload final soon)

thanks a lot

btw. It should be in description:
"amiga OCS lowres
32 colours
Ohli - Schiff (Comment by: Elko 2016-10-14)
KLF - America What Time is Love
Jok - Tales From The Forest (Comment by: Elko 2016-10-14)
Nice Skin Colors and Pixels the Background lacks from time to time looks unfinished, the face is great.
Otium - Boss (Comment by: Elko 2016-10-14)
Chucky die Mörderpuppe
Zaac - Tiepolo Preview (Comment by: prowler 2016-10-07)
Excellent work!
BlasterNOX - Mosbot Vs Xenomorph (Comment by: ALiEN^bf 2016-10-07)
What the heck...
SP - Tourism 3216ad (Comment by: jok 2016-10-03)
first impression is good (vision, composition) but details, technique ruins effect a lot
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