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SP - Tourism 3216ad (Comment by: jok 2016-10-03)
first impression is good (vision, composition) but details, technique ruins effect a lot
Lycan - Blue (Comment by: Elko 2016-09-24)
Noir Aesthetic @best <3
Takacs Marcell - 911 (Comment by: Elko 2016-09-24)
Unreal (.hu) - Age Of Destruction (Comment by: Elko 2016-09-24)
Ui, this is real cool. Good job Mr.
Darkki - Grove Of The Pilgrim Hollow (Comment by: Frogg 2016-09-18)
a picture full of details for an amazing results !
Partikle - At The Docks (Comment by: Frogg 2016-09-18)
The image really gives the impression me of seeing a part of the life of people who evolves in a nature, a world in agreement with traditions and simplicity.
But we also guess labour and the work of this world.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for this great picture !
M.A.D. Newline - Invasive Species (Comment by: Elko 2016-09-14)
It was the 8 Color Pixel Graphics Compo, with a defined Pixel-Palette like this:

"Be sure your image contains only these colors. Images with more or other colors will be disqualified!
You can choose the resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio is recommended.
You don't have to use all colors, we will show the actual number of colors used.
Final image must not have been released before.
GIF animation is allowed."

Crazy Colors ...
M.A.D. Newline - Invasive Species (Comment by: elend 2016-09-14)
Was that a compo at evoke? What was it called like?
Atex - Evoke Pixel (Comment by: elend 2016-09-14)
Interesting style. Would be a great print as well.
Lycan - Last Shot (Comment by: Elko 2016-09-13)
It tells a story, not a typical compo pic. Its cool.
Oni - Vincent (Comment by: Unreal 2016-09-12)
the best! awesome mood
Oni - Vincent (Comment by: jok 2016-09-12)
Optic - Shion (Comment by: jok 2016-09-12)
best in compo imho
waiting for ocs fullscreen
Bitflippr - A Few Pixels (Comment by: jok 2016-09-12)
reminds me picture from facet/lemon
Bitflippr - A Few Pixels (Comment by: prowler 2016-09-11)
Your best full-screen image so far, good work!!
Oni - Vincent (Comment by: Elko 2016-09-11)
My personal party favorite for winning the pixel Compo. I love the animation. Awesome. <3
Valtieri - i am sorry, we have to lose the leg (Comment by: pohar 2016-09-01)
Valtieri - Bounty Buddies (Comment by: pohar 2016-09-01)
Nice story. Should've ranked higher
Aarnis - You came to the wrong pond (Comment by: pohar 2016-09-01)
It took me some seconds to discover the fish
Nice job!
Jate - Ultimate Pilu (Comment by: Jate 2016-08-26)
I think Ivy came up with the name at the party place
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