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Coaxcable - VACE 2006 Logo (Comment by: coaxcable 2007-03-10)
Loved this one to be most of my works, it took me 2-3 hours to do this stuff..maybe less
Coaxcable - TBE Bloody Skull (Comment by: coaxcable 2007-03-07)
nah it sucks, the shittiest here by me
Archmage - Lotus Dragon (Comment by: Archmage 2007-03-07)
Hehe, there aren't really that many stages to be seen. It just goes from the pencil sketch I happened to have saved on my girlfriend's laptop through a couple of stages of very soft colouring. It could sure use another couple of days of workover with a harder brush, cause I like the motive, but it looks too blurry right now. But hey, I wanted to be part of the compo!

I did this _very_ quickly at the Kindergarden party
Ras - RAS Tristar Graffitti Done (Comment by: AMItac 2007-03-06)
well i missed this in our collection, it looks very cute
Coaxcable - TBE Bloody Skull (Comment by: AMItac 2007-03-06)
that is also nice....
Coaxcable - Elements CLAN [LAN GAMERS] (Comment by: AMItac 2007-03-06)
that looks very cute for me - nice design
Angeldawn - Fairlight (Comment by: chromag 2007-03-06)
this one is the best ever
Evil Joker - Bitfellas Website Logo (Comment by: coaxcable 2007-03-05)
nice imho more metal over it
Minz - MOM (Comment by: coaxcable 2007-03-05)
liked it
Kenet - Flt Demolition Start Screen (Comment by: Ghandy 2007-03-02)
yeah, very nice!!
Archmage - Lotus Dragon (Comment by: spectral 2007-02-17)
me, three! Great picture Archie old chap.
Kenet - Flt Demolition Start Screen (Comment by: smash^flt 2007-02-02)
ah, how many times a day do i see this.. i love it, tho. =)
Noogman - Fantasy Pic (Comment by: Crusher 2007-02-02)
Critikill - Surfing On Mother Earth (Comment by: chromag 2007-01-25)
it's cool!
Angeldawn - Fairlight (Comment by: Can 2007-01-19)
Yes, thats a classic. The Hoodlum logo's are also masterpieces!
Noogman - Heavy Metal Train (Comment by: Serpent 2007-01-02)
Cool one, definitely. Reminds me of something though.. Some album cover.. Not the same but..
Archmage - Lotus Dragon (Comment by: chromag 2006-12-30)
me, too!
A.-T- - Flowers (Comment by: chromag 2006-12-30)
another boris rip... full ripped version of this picture to be seen in the never liked uno slideshow by essence
Angeldawn - Kefrens (Comment by: chromag 2006-12-29)
Noogman - Boris (Comment by: chromag 2006-12-29)
i remember this old beauty...
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