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The Stone Guardian aka Into The Forest by Smilodon
#01 at Outline 2014 freestyle gfx compo.
Submitted by: CONS - Page loaded: 1092 - Rating: 8.6 (5 Votes)
- jok -(9) ALiEN^bf(9) noma(8) Elko(9) Bobic(8)
Smilodon | 2014-06-04
Why would you upload the unfinished version?
CONS | 2014-06-04
This was the version released and available, so it ended up here.
I am looking forward to exchange it with the final version when it is available.
Smilodon | 2014-06-04
:o no I didnt
I released a final version all partecipants have seen and voted on. I thought they would release the finished one but now I can see, for some reason, they published the first step I uploaded as a placeholder :/
CONS | 2014-06-04
Checking again... "unfinished_-_smilodon.png" is still the only available version
Would you be so kind to submit the final version yourself or email it to me? I will take care of the rest immediately then.
Smilodon | 2014-06-04
Done it ^^
- jok - | 2014-06-04
hmm... I had the same problem
CONS | 2014-06-04
Thank you very much. Ladies and gentlemen, please refresh your browser to reload the image and take a look at the final version of the picture \o/
Btw. I can imagine that this is unfortunate and I am sorry that it happens, but in the end I can only work with what sources are available to me. And since I do not visit the parties to get the releases from the artists themselves, I heavily rely on archives.
If you find more examples of that kind, please report them to me.
- jok - | 2014-06-04
...and STS too (thread on page)

btw I like the picture good atmosphere/story here
Nice color scheme and light,
golem could be better modeled/colored imho - comparing to the background
and a bit of local shadow beneath the fox would help too
but overall very nice
- jok - | 2014-06-04
ok, sorry - part of the post above is outdated now - Thanks CONS!
Smilodon | 2014-06-07
I agree, everything could have be done better. I was completely surprised of the ranking, I'm still thinking they made a mistake!

I worked on it a lot and I had to finish it at the partyplace. And is not ready yet, a lot of things should be better than this.
I was expecting the 4th place ^^
Prince | 2014-06-14
hum... things you better do the oldskool way. sorry, pal. great work... yes... but would be a killer in 320x200, 16cols !
- jok - | 2014-06-16
Smilodon: my comment was referring to previous version of gfx - so its all ok

"I worked on it a lot and I had to finish it at the partyplace. And is not ready yet, a lot of things should be better than this. "
ha ha - its my typical after-party sentence (and probably not only mine)

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