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Light by Offwhite
#3 at Outline 2013 Pixel Graphics

Unfinished version of 34460
Submitted by: CONS - Page loaded: 1884 - Rating: 8.63 (8 Votes)
Grip(8) ALiEN^bf(9) Ramonb5^DSR(8) farf(9) Ukko(9) mog(9) Smilodon(9) elend(8)
Grip | 2013-05-13
I love the palette and lighting but it looks a bit unfinished. Was it made at the party place?
- jok - | 2013-05-14
unfinished, and mirror image don't work imo. - still best picture from outline this year.
offwhite | 2013-05-14
Thanks guys! As you say, it's very much unfinished. I'm still working on the details and tons of aa, but it's getting exponentially hard to find the motivation. Might be because I did almost nothing else the days before outline :b But you can check out the progress here,

Grip: I couldn't be there unfortunately :[

Jok: Good grief! I just tried to mirror it and it looked horrible D: I'll try to fix it and keep it in mind next time. Thanks for pointing it out!
Grip | 2013-05-14
offwhite: Ah, I thought they didn't accept remote entries? Otherwise I might have hade a contrib Oh well.

Heh, I think it looks just fine when mirrored. I was tipped off about doing this just a couple of weeks ago, hadn't even thought of it before. I did it to some of my stuff and it looks completely insane. Oh well. You live, you learn.
Grip | 2013-05-14
Also, finish it I really like the way it's turning out!
Ramonb5^DSR | 2013-05-16
Offwhite, liked this one best when I saw it at Outline. Hope you find your motivation again, love your work.
farf | 2013-05-16
They didn't have thumbnails in the voting system - this was clearly the best pic at the party, and I'm sure it would have won if there had been thumbs.

Doesn't matter though.. you kick ass, offwhite
Ukko | 2013-05-17
good job!
offwhite | 2014-04-01
It's done and I never want to look at it again!
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