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Plaisir du Multiplex by Joe
(2013 03 25 - 04 27) Plaisir du Multiplex, 1st place at GubbData 2013.

Multicolored bitmap (light blue background color) + rasterbars and expanded singlecolor sprites in the upper and lower border
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Joe | 2013-04-29
The content in the image “Plaisir du Multiplex”, meaning pleasure of multitude, although disturbing to some is about a very simple idea and on one hand a mere technical point of view:
The figures is obviously female and as my formerly images on Facebook and in the scene, representing an alter ego and also a desire at the same time. They are repeated over several picture planes in an imagined eternal space. Then the spectator is puzzled, is it to be viewed from a voyeur point of view as a mirrored Vis-à-vis from all angles or is it a great collective? That is to say, “yes I’m happy to see my love again, I view her as she enters the room and passes through”. Both sets of information is legit, but we are not outside of the picture we view in this case, rather one of the carriers inside. One which has been pushed into a society, whose boundaries we cannot see or touch, where one continuously reshapes ones information on the behalf of others. Where language, social status, ideology, religion etc. affects us and become the quintessential carried information. Or the programming of oneself to behave accordingly, where no room is open.

This is as you might understand a very existentialist critique of our contemporary way of life, where one is not born into a free world, but is from the very start a conscious product and carrier of the current. As for the technical point of view, it’s down to the architecture of the tools I used, the pleasure also from the double nature of multiplicity of the image, the desired other self/other or the fact that a fantastic repetition is in place of opening borders to enlarge the image.
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