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Just One More Step by mog
#8 at Evoke 2012 freestyle gfx compo.

As the lander crashed violently into the surface, you're left to make a decision your team mates did not have to make.

== Entry notes ==
As I waded through the internet, I found art from a guy that practices remixing in a form I've not seen before, so I thought why not steal remix his idea, and do something with it.
It started with going to Fravias lore, which still can be found, despite him being gone, I miss him - though I never met him. He learned me to scrape the, net for goods, how to delve into things, how to open them. I went there for a different reason this time, the images - which sometimes are just too big to contain only pixels, but that didn't matter this time.
I just randomly picked one, and started to give it a new live, after 107 years Ivan Bilibin might have wondered what that person in that white suit does, or where he's at - he might even be disgusted what people to do his works, until he learns about digital copies.

Imagine you're one of the person that are selected to go to a distant planet, step in Neils and Buzz footsteps,- imagine the landingcraft isn't landed so smooth like Buzz was able to. It crashes, your teammates die instantly, having the luck to not endure what you have to. You're alone, completely alone - on
a planet far away from your loved ones. Rescue won't be there for months or even years. Your oxygen will only last so long, what would you do? The guy in the picture made his decision, to - just end it - don't even dare to assume it was an easy decision. So he went up the tallest mountain he could reach in time, and silently said to himself: just. one. more. step.

== Random notes from mog ==
A week left until Evoke is happening, somehow I'm even more looking forward to it than usual. Might be because I had to skip Revision for a project at work, or that I'm just happy to see the guys from Nordlicht a couple of days back

Anyways, just finished my first entry for the freestyle graphics compo at Evoke ever. And also only the second entry for that party ever, shame on me for having too much respect to even hand something in. Stupid, I know - that's why I want to break that "habit".

Actually planning to have three more releases for the party, not yet sure if I'll manage to complete all of them. One is a spin off of a almost done one, so this might even work. If you counted less than four releases, then be assured that I have somthing in my sleve, that'll surface somewhere else.

Apart from that, trbl isn't dead, but some of us have more important things to do right now - RL sucks a lot sometimes. But this is said, or written, in the hope that things will change for a better, and were able to release something
else than just another web browser demo. Which are fun to make, to a certain point, but don't feel as good as our first prod.

It also seems to be quite an emo entry, but the thing is, life is a bitch, life does not always play like one wants to, and sometimes, there is just no other way than to take the shortcut. And we had a lot of people fighting dragons,
guess who won?

I don't even know for whom I write this, but I also feel the urge to have a somehwat proper 'nfo', as I lately got introduced in the (now) oldshool stuff. Which rock a lot, these guys did things in 93 I still can't wrap my head around. Nice scrollers that form a circle, fast 3D on these really slow machines, and people might see the same in the current scene. Which also feels odd, that somewone might unearth this text in 20 years, and tries to make sense of it, good luck dear timetraveler!

Running out of ideas actually, maybe I'll write more for the other releases, or maybe not - it's all random, and random is no coincidence
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