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3 letters of fame by mog
The first image I wanted to start and finish for the demo was the logo,- as I know that I usually do several iterations for it.

The first idea was do to something in a 70ies style, by using multiple lines to form one letter - similar to the Sega logo. However, this turned out to look rather boring.
Then I found inspiration in SV'2010 XE Invitation - Logos by Piesiu, and wanted to make it from one string. Though that turned out to be harder than expected, and far more unreadable as I wanted it to be. So I kept the letters separated, and used only an outline around all letters.

The background consisted of random placed dots, that somehow formed a vignette - Maali suggested to use something less random, that also doesn't distract too much from the logo itself.

Somehow this also does not feel finished, the shading is done half giving a fuck, half not - no AA on the outline, letters could need more detail. However, it's the first logo for me that was pixeled.
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