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Last Stop by Offwhite
#1 at Solskogen 2012 newschool gfx compo.
Submitted by: CONS - Page loaded: 1832 - Rating: 9.55 (11 Votes)
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mog | 2012-08-07
Love the mood, lighting,- the texture on the tree is beautiful - as the puffy clouds in that beautiful colours.

The only things that irks me a bit is the perspective of the buildings in the background, the taller building just looks off. The fence also looks a bit wobbly. But who am I to actually criticize it. Lovely image!
offwhite | 2012-08-08
Your absolutely right about that building. I didn't even see it before now d: I think I might have started out with a different perspective, and at some point I just forgot about that building. I'm not quite sure I understand what's bothering you about the wobbly fence tho'.

I think it's nice to get critique. After a certain amount of time I just can't see my own mistakes anymore, so it's nice to have a fresh pair of eyes. Thanks for pointing it out!
ALiEN^bf | 2012-08-08
offwhite: You are wrong!

That odd building is the reason why the boy is looking across to this area. Therefore it is essential!
offwhite | 2012-08-08
Haha, where is the artcity "like" button when you need it?!
mog | 2012-08-10
offwhite: In the lower right, where the fence starts, the element next to it.
I really love the pic, just felt to have to give a comment why it's not a 10 in my opinion.

Aliens idea is neat though, maybe a space time hole - that distorts perspective and is about to swallow that building

FWIW I flip my pics horizontally, vertically after some time, it helps to see rough spots more easy. Sometimes these new perspectives also lead to a totally new picture when doing logos

Keep it up!
offwhite | 2013-01-14
I'm pretty sure that wobbly fence was due to free beer from Outracks
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