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Air by Joe
#1 at Gubbdata C64 gfx compo.

Shown at the GubbData 0.9 meeting and got voted first position in the graphics competition.
I wanted to finish the series I was currently working on and got some difficulties:

The time was not enough to finalize the work in the way I might have intended. But as I see it, it's no different than from my first sketch, merely the design, perhaps? One could go about and see the endless measures of differentiate results in a special restriction.

What I wanted was to finalize the series from the mythological elements and this might be the most difficult one, as one cannot see wind.
We can see the bent structures of cloth choking itself in resistance and experience the load of pressure, when carried rain or snow, things moving around or particles in space. We can feel the hurting blossom against our chinbone and the noise it makes through the constructions in which we dwell this place. It may be put to the most welcomed word through our voices to articulate our beloved ones the precious, being here, music of different pitches and tempo. It may carry and give life to our longing of the feromones and smells from our closets. It is a carrier, just as the other elements of its proper properties.

The other matters is very visible and noticable: The ground we walk, the temperature or light we gain and the life-retaining taste from a long walk and the long winternights.

Wind carries the motion of the sky, ever chaninging. Giving us a fresh air, breathing us and carries the perpendicular motion to enrichen life such as we know it on earth from the oceans to the plants.

How do you depict a motion in space to a flat surface? Well, I got to think about space itself, the very numberous complexities it derives, the cosmological situation, the very machine of space coninuing vast the vacuum: The celebral mechanics if there is such a thing, all whom we in a simplified way would not exist. Time.
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devistator | 2012-09-10
Mad dither skillz, intense depth, amazing subject <3
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