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Smoker by Fairfax
57 colors, 320x256 (PAL LoRes EHB)
Words from Fairfax (back to 1994):
I have been sort of lucky with this picture as I also this year (1993) won the competition at the Rendezvous party. Concerning the picture: It was taken from an old black and white photography which I found in my father's collection of photomagazines.
Several things have changed though. Many ugly details can be spotted in this picture. If you for instance look at some parts of the hat, you will surely see some junky graphics.
I think I often get too soon tired of my pictures, and therefore never finish them as I probably should.

Words from Fairfax (back to 2008):
"Smoker", is maybe one of the pictures from the Amiga days that I'm most happy with. It was painted from a black&white photograph from Vietnam I think. I inserted a classic Norwegian pack of matches just for fun. I remember that I tried to get more and more away from the fantasy genre at the end of my Amiga career, and this picture is from that time.
Seven Seas@7 Seas by Andromeda (1994-01-05)
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Wade | 2008-01-02
This absolutely blew me away when I saw it at the end of 7 Seas! Such realism and detail in such low resolution and colour.
parse43 | 2008-03-20
Looks like the Vietcong, his right point finger looks weird.
Mystra | 2010-10-01
Fantastic picture!
This picture won the graphics compo at Rendezvous 1993, as well as being featured in "Seven Seas".
devistator | 2010-10-02
Yep fantastic picture indeed, attention to detail and colouring is great. Inspiring piece!
Unreal | 2010-10-06
Seven Seas was one of the best slideshow on Amiga!
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