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The Raven by Dane
Released at doublescreen compo 2011, ranked 6th. Code also by Dane.
Inspired by:
, see Animated gif here,too
Submitted by: CONS - Page loaded: 3731 - Rating: 4.78 (9 Votes)
CONS | 2011-05-08
This gif hit me like a bus. I was aware that there must've been an inspirational source to this, but i still was totally like "yeah, great picture, awesome", but now i have the feeling this is just a scan followed by a conversion. If someone knows how that works and if there is still "artist work" needed to make it look like this, please explain to me. I am dared to tag this 'scan'.
Anarkhya | 2011-05-08
ahahaha Mermaid strikes hard, good job!

...I'm also curious to see what kind of tools could have been used in the process.

C64 folks, come here, we want SCANdals !
ALiEN^bf | 2011-05-09
I admit it looked fishy, but in the end I was hit by the Mermaid bus too.
someone | 2011-05-09
Sander | 2011-05-09
A solid 2 point for trying some colours ideas.
Anarkhya | 2011-05-10
@CONS (to fuel the "how that works"):
I'm quoting Digger >

"Now, the trick is how do you squeeze thousands (if not million) colours palette into 11 colours (hires/multi char mode) and still preserve the high quality of the original image. It took me a lot of hours (besides coding my own pixel editor and displayer) to tidy up pixels and make the details looking good. Haven't added anything from myself as I wasn't supposed to – have asked the author for permission to USE his work but nor REMIX."

Anarkhya | 2011-05-10
More fuel:
I'm quoting Celtic >

I would like to state that most 98% of the pics i do are wirejobs/converts etc.etc. I still spend hours and hours on them refining, adding pixels, removing pixels, etc. but i wanted it out there so i dont get accused for anything in the future.

and lastly: besides 4 or 5 extremely gifted pixellers like mermaid and i think STE , I think loads of people use this method. I am wondering who would like to claim or state that they never do this r have done it.

veto | 2011-05-10
there are some more graphicians on the c64 who do proper pixelworks from scratch for sure.
diver4d | 2011-05-12
Unfortunately i'm not even surprised. The same story as at ZX Spectrum gfx scene. There is so much methods to create the low end platform graphics - from pure nocopy painted straight-from-artist-head to pure automatatic image conversions. In my opinion judging depends from the compo rules and the nature of original image. If compo rules doesn't restrict the conversions - then ok, it's a question of participant's conscience. But several hardcore nocopy artists avoiding to participate in such compos. And the last - if the original photo taken by the same author and it well converted i think it can be stated as art.
diver4d | 2011-05-12
Just read Dane words... So it is art of programming
Sander | 2011-05-12
@diver: Dane's words? Would like to read them too. Or did you mix it up with Digger's or Celtic's reaction?
Anarkhya | 2011-05-12
"If compo rules doesn't restrict the conversions - then ok"

Talking about this, I wonder why organizers would NOT restrict copies, why are they, wittingly, OK to allow this in a compo. I don't get this very point.
diver4d | 2011-05-12
Sander, oh, sorry, it is Digger words. Just looks like Dane talking about that pic.
Frogg | 2011-05-14
Thanks Mermaid for the .gif
It allows us to see the real work made by conversion tool... errm... the graphist...
Frogg | 2011-05-14
and to Anarkhya for having pointed the interesting discussion on CSDB
Anarkhya | 2011-05-14
Mermaid's idea actually, anyway, this discussion goes on and will probably continue for a while.

And, as someone already mentioned, discussing it makes the scene feel alive, which might be the most important point
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