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Cargo by Twoflower
Released at doublescreen compo 2011, ranked 2nd. Code by Cruzer.
The pic was intended to be displayed in Charmode. The final version is shown as multicolor bitmap because of the code.
Submitted by: CONS - Page loaded: 1963 - Rating: 7 (7 Votes)
ALiEN^bf | 2011-05-09
Beautiful and unusual palette.
mermaid | 2011-05-09
someone | 2011-05-09
ALiEN^bf | 2011-05-09
Even seeing the source here I don't feel disappointed. The notion of originality vary a lot, for me Twoflower managed to put a great mood and fresh details into his illustration.
mermaid | 2011-05-09
For me it's a copy of someone else's work, in a graphics compo, in 2011.
Anarkhya | 2011-05-09
Well, I don't get your variations for the term "originality", IMO, recoloring a piece of art (which is already a finished product in itself) breaks the originality, its a kind of On/Off switch to me. I'd like to hear more of your thoughts on this topic.

I, however, also consider that a non-original work might attract me, mood, feelings and stuffs.

Now, onto a different topic, because what Mermaid just said made me think about it.

I think that mentinonning the date is an important element for the viewer, to understand the context. AFAIK, redrawing/copying in '92 might have been a totally different story. It seems to me that, in 2011, loaded with cheap scanners, image search engines, quantization and supersoftwares, straight copying may be a pretty easy task.
ALiEN^bf | 2011-05-10
Anarkhya: I think there is a lot of "Twoflower" in the pic. He managed to upgrade the source and to present it classy. I think the originality/individuality here lies in adding value and not doing just a plain rip-off. Still... there is no explanation for people's preferences and me likes this Bladerunner-ish sci-fi redo.
Anarkhya | 2011-05-10
Okay, we won't agree on this but I see your point, thanks sir (:
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