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OldsCool aka Scene Island by PheeL
#2 at DiHalt 2008 ZX gfx
Submitted by: diver4d - Page loaded: 3750 - Rating: 9.15 (13 Votes)
kris(9) ALiEN^bf(9) Piesiu(9) CONS(9) someone(9) Shiru(9) mikme(9) elend(8) diver4d(10) veto(10) Paracels(10) ne7^bf(9) pandafox(9)
someone | 2010-09-01
what kind of a gfx mode is this?
diver4d | 2010-09-01
gigascreen: two flicking standard speccy screens
Frogg | 2010-09-01
i think that for those gigascreen pic it could be nice to see an animated gif to get the same feeling as on a spectrum.
It seems those PNG pic have a better visual quality than on the original computer.
CONS | 2010-09-01
so beautiful but i don't know if this flickering wouldn't ruin the whole experience. It would be like a demo that doesn't run at least at 25 frames. Nevertheless i guess, its hard to even manage to create two pics that look like this when merged together.
PheeL | 2010-09-01
.gif is not a solution. It hasn't vsync. I'll try to make a sample video with emulator but can't guarantee a success.
someone | 2010-09-01
So you can basicly draw a picture in this gfx mode by keeping a limit of maximum 4 colors in each 8x8 block area?
diver4d | 2010-09-01
Tempest, yes. But every 4color palette is specific mix of 2 pairs of 2 colors. Resulting gigascreen palette has a 102 colors.

And the main difficulty, that there is almost no editors for that mode. You can draw 2 screens separately in regular gfxmode editor (which allows to edit 2 screens with switching from one to another), or you can pixel in multiartist editor (for win32) which almost has no any common drawing tools.
PheeL | 2010-09-01
A two samples with interlaced output but without TV filter. Also keep in mind that real CRT TV has color bleeding and other limitations that "improve quality" of the screen image and make it less flicker(afterimage through slow phosphors).

Yes. You're absolutely right.
diver4d | 2010-09-01
or here:
Frogg | 2010-09-01
Thanks for the sample in avi.
It definitively looks pretty nice. Awesome work.
It looks like some interlaced mode as on Amiga.
Anarkhya | 2010-09-03
I know you wrote that gif is not a solution, but may we have one? I'd like to compare .GIF vs .AVI for this picture...
Anarkhya | 2010-09-03
Ouch! Indeed, huge gap between .gif and .avi outputs...
diver4d | 2010-09-04
i think the delay must be shorter

it looks the same in the browser, but much faster in offline viewer.
kris | 2010-09-05
Animgif is the worst format for precise timing. It's slower in Chrome, faster in Firefox...
Paracels | 2010-09-08
Superb! Argh, why do Speecy's gigascreen pictures have to flick?! It'd be so much better if they looked exactly like on that screenshot!!! Awwwww...
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