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M.A.D Internal Mag. aka M.A.D Internal Newsletter by Scene Artifacts
Source is Paradox (PDX) facebook page:!/photos.php?id=307100856269

This document dates from november 1989 as the document said.

Words from the source:
1) Sorry it's in french
2) This document is part of the history 'cauze MAD is a group at the origin of PDX.
3) The goal was to make a group like QUARTEX but more limited because many of us had already had problems with the police (APP).
4) You have before you a pure document of the time.

Tags: 1989, paradox, phoenix, genesis project, dmx, stinger, mad, goodie

To admin: Here is my fast french/english translation (I don't know if you have a text size limit here)


Here is the first issue of M*A*D, internal papermag which will connect all members of the future Quartex II.
We'll release another issue each time something significant appears (instructions, results).
This is only a newsletter that sums up our intents, which are being the BESTS !!!
Our group is already different from others, due to its structure and its anonymous status in France, for a better security.
We'll do the things right, even if we can't grab the new releases before the other groups. We'll dominate them with our quality, thnaks to you and your motivation.
when you'll receive the letter, the group won't be active yet, but remember that we won't forget you and we're already organizing.
We don't create this group in a rushed way, all is well prepared.
When everything will be put in order, it will rock, omg.


At 6 hours this morning, we sent our reporter to interview the two fellows that have agreed to join their effort in creating a new group to be the best.

This is DMX^Phoenix and Stinger^Genesis Project (ex-Transcom), here is the interview of the century !!!

MAD: DMX, you were organizing Phoenix, and you were shouting that the group was dead, why?

DMX: All began with a warning from APP (Agence pour la Protection des Programmes: an organization that hunts copyright-infrigment) reported by Legend Software telling me that if I was caught cracking another time, cops will come to my place. Thus I decided to stop spreading our prods in France, and claim that Phoenix was dead! As a matter of fact, several of our members were contacted by other groups to join, proving that the announce was spreaded, hoping that APP also received the message...

MAD: Why forming a new group with Stinger?

DMX: Stinger wanted to create an anonymous amiga group and had the same ambitions as ours, which were: becoming the best. Besides, He had good ideas and was serious about the whole thing.
So, to avoid being rivals, we decided to join in order to be more efficient than the actual groups. Besides, with all legal events occurring now (CP BS1 in Holland (?) and police searches in Paris), creating a more anonymous group than the ones in activity and renaming it was a very good idea. Because Phoenix was becoming a little bit too famous regarding the APP.

MAD: And you, Stinger,something to add?

Stinger: Buurrrpppssss !!! Er... This is a good year for the Beaujolais (French red wine)

MAD: Err yes, true... Well I thank you for all theses informations.

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