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Alone by Tmk
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1st at The Gathering'98 Pixel Compo

.drawing of a girl sitting on a bed for the gathering'98 graphics compo.
perhaps it is an answere to a discussion on pixel about that we should
try to draw feelings?
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proteque(10) Wade(10) CONS(9) diver4d(10) vincenzo(10) Paracels(10) PheeL(10) ALiEN^bf(9) Sir_Lucas(10)
Wade | 2008-05-07
I've always loved this picture! Great atmosphere and lighting and very well realised.
proteque | 2010-03-02
completely agree with Wade on this one
Paracels | 2010-08-15
Totally looked like a photo to me, when I first saw it. But the fact that it's a pixeled work of art just blows my mind!
Frogg | 2010-08-15
It's hard to think it's a pixeled work.
Anarkhya | 2010-08-16
It's indeed hard to believe that it was entirely pixelled (of course depending on how we define "pixelled"). IMO, some areas seem super-smoothed too much, lots of redundant colours among the 114 palette (after removing the logo), and giant colour ramps.

I don't really know what were the tools on a 1998 machine but _IF_ we had 24 bits tooling available, this photo-realistic (also reasonably assuming that its a redraw from an existing photo) pixel attempt makes not much sense to me, in terms of pixel creation.

Overall, this is how I appreciate this image at the moment, back to 1998 I may have been more enthusiastic.

If someone has a step-by-step or additionnal infos on the process that lead to this image...
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