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Hina by Tmk
1st at The Party'98
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.one girl, two faces... im repeating myself. for the party '98 graphic
competition in denmark 27-29th december. not what i originally intended
to use in the gfx compo, this one was for the INF demo "yume 2".done at
the party place. one of my first 24bit ever, still doing lowres tho. :/
thought about including sketch and stuff in this zip, but as its only a
few ppl that r interested in such, i havent. its available online tho,
the file "tmkhina - sketch scan.jpg" is a scan of my original sketch.
"tmkhina - mix.jpg" is just a mix of the sketch and the final..just for
fun. looks odd. the hina sketch sucks, but i guess noone really cares
Inspired by:
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someone | 2010-03-16
I saw both the photos once. What an ugly repaint. If you want to know what Tmk actually draw, check out the background, clothing and the intertwining hairs. "Nice" smudge work. "Love" the small particles aswell!

Do you think that a person doing graphics at that level could draw those faces, their proportions, could work his way out of the play of light and color? Me neither.

Did Tmk draw _any_ of his pics? They all look badly reworked photos.
CONS | 2011-03-17
And look what i found. Check the inspired by pictures here and on the related to pictures.
In my opinion this looks like photomanipulation, not even a redraw.
If i look at TMKs gallery i am getting the feeling there could be more of those. There are many extremely well done women in there.
Anarkhya | 2011-03-18
Any keyword to find more of these photos?
Anarkhya | 2011-03-18

In the meantime, another close-up:

CONS | 2011-03-18
I found both of them on pure lock, so no, keywords are not really available.
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