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Cantstandthelight by Tascha
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This is a personal piece which is quite dear to me.
It's for and about people who think they have to fit in and try to do everything to do so. Even until self sacrifice.
I had my two uncles in mind who are both gay and which had to grow up in a time where being gay was not accepted either by society not family..
Much respect to them.
The girl in this piece doesn't really understand why she can't stand the light - despite the fact that she got the other creatures around here..
I had Henning take quite a few references of me in similar poses and the pose here is pretty much a sum of all different kind of references I used of myself.
The wings were freaking pain to paint because wings normally don't really bend like that (and I hate to paint wings).
Well I think that's about it.
Photoshop CS all the way
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