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Guestbook - Mermaid
Anarkhya | 2010-07-24
Anarkhya said the following:

Btw, I heard a rumour telling that you had pixelled some of your works with a joystick... Actually I know that such a thing is possible (and was probaly the only way to make graphics) on very old platforms but is it true, for you?

vanjau said the following:

Yes, all the graphics I did in Koala Painter was done with a joystick, as I didn't have a KoalaPad or a mouse. Later I switched to Zoomatic and did my C64 graphics with the keyboard, cursor keys to move (and the c64 only has 2 cursor keys, you have to hold shift to switch between left/right and up/down) and 1-4 to set coloured pixels. My C64 graphics from mid 1992 until late 2006 were all done that way, with the keyboard.

If you find a picture by me called Summer in the City from 2006, that was the last picture I finished that was drawn that way, it was pixeled from scratch at the party where it won the graphics competition, I wasn't going to release anything at the party but on the way there I changed my mind and asked TDS if he could meet me in Oslo and bring a floppy disk with Zoomatic, just in case, and I met him there before going to Sweden for the party. Once there I borrowed a C64 from Taper/Triad, but because the guy who coded Zoomatic (Olav Mørkrid/Panoramic Designs) had a war going on with a Swedish demo group he had made it so Zoomatic wouldn't work on a C64 with a Swedish char ROM, and so Iopop/Triad had to go through the code and fix it for me so it would work on the Swedish C64 I was using. Fun times!

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