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Bridgeclaw: Copying is not a crime! (00.00.0000)

Copying is not a crime! - by Bridgeclaw/Brainstorm

Well, I`ve been told to write some words about graphics so I`ll do my very best.


There are alot of graphicians out there in the scene, and think about all the different designs they make, all the strange personal styles. Some guys are well known, some not but still they do have the same talent.

But now I want to write something about copying, and I`ll try to give you some small hints how to get the copy right if you first are going to do one. Some people think copying is wrong, but now I`ll try to look it from the other ²side, from the copiers side.

It is HARD to get a copied picture looking the same as the original, some parts of the picture may be a little bit bigger than you want to and it may look wierd. But here is a little trick I learned when I was going to drawing school. Many of you out there may have heard about this and think it`s lame, but it has helped me very much to get the piccy looking not too wrong..... And please remember that this "trick" can also be used in other cases such as maybe get a scetch you have made on a paper to the screen without ruining the proportions totally.


First you get a plastic bag, one you can look through, (Glens??) or a paper from a overhead they use at schools or anything you can lay over the picture you are going to draw. You have to be able to see the details in the picture, so a black piece of wood is FAR out!

On the plasic (For instance) you draw a grid with a good pen, remember to be very presice. Try a grid with 2cm X 2cm squares for instance. Remember to fasten the grid on the picture to copy so it doesn`t move.

If this was too much trouble you can of course draw a grid right ON the picture but then you will destroy the original. And if you make a glensed grid you can use it in other works too, WOW!!! So do it the hard way!!


THEN you draw a squared grid on the screen so it`s looking as if the picture will fit the screen according to the grid on the paper. Remember here not to draw on the screen with a pen but with the "drawing tool" in the program you`re using. Just to make that clear!!! AAAHHH HAH HAH Ehhh??.... Well, now it`s drawing time.... As you can see now you can draw the picture square after square, and get nice proportions according to the original. You can see where lines start in the square and where they end out, and then you continue this into the next square and watching where it ends again and again and again.... Until you have a nice scetch to continue working with.

Hmm... Did you catch it???

If not, then blame Zerox for telling me to write articles.....

And remember:


According to BRC`s laws.

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