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Antony (Dreamdealers, Pulse) (00.00.1998) musician, graphician

Interview with Antony
Job: graphician, musician

Sacrilege: Hi Antony ! Present yourself, please...

Antony: I am Antony. I am a french Pulser, since Pulse started 2 years ago. My major activities are creation using digital and fine arts.

Sacrilege: You're a cool graphist, how did you begin to draw and what's the year?

Antony: Hum, it started when a young kid when on atari ST, then I had 5 or 6 years of Amiga scening with Dreamdealers. At the same time, I was also using pencils and inks, and tried to mix many graphic and arty influences...well, I always tried to develop my own style. And I think I still have a long way to do before being satisfied of my works.

Sacrilege: Who gives to you the desire to be a scener ?

Antony: During the first years, I was amazed by the crack intros from many groups on atari and amiga. This is how it started. Of course, I had influence from graphicians like Uno and musicians like Walkman or Heatbeat...Now the groups: I enjoyed people like Anarchy, Melon, Phenomena, CNCD, Funky Buddhas, Kefrens...well, most amiga classics in fact !

Sacrilege: Oh...Do you regret this "St" and "Amiga" time?

Antony: I don't regreat because life is made of lots of little deaths. But sometimes it is a shame to meet arrogant pc sceners that don't have a minimum of knowledge of the scene during the past and who don't know who are guys like Heatbeat or Uno and what they did bring to demos.

Sacrilege: What do you think about the scene, today ?

Antony: The scene (and Pulse above all) is a place where I have a lot of good friends and enable me to give my works an international dimension. Today I am not really motivated to start big projects with the scene, because I would like to try other supports like video and to touch more people, but anyway, it is a place it is always easy to meet people with talent.

Sacrilege: OK, How do you draw ? A lot in a little time, or a lot of time for a little work ?

Antony: I never stay a long while in front of a picture. I need to finish them in one day or two. It depends of what I have to do refering to my 'real' graphics...sometimes people ask me scene graphics and I have to draw them really quick .. For my graphics I use my mouse and a wacom artpad. I use tvpaint, and dpaint sometimes. I am not really photoshop addicted.

Sacrilege: What is the best production you have ever made?

Antony: I don't know since I don't like most productions I did on pc and amiga. I tried to bring something unusual in musicdisks with Fesk/Crystal symphonies 3. Reve was a rather nice demo but I think it lacks shape. It was done in a rush, and for ex., the textures don't fit the objects at all.

Sacrilege: Any project with pulse?

Antony: There is one big project with pulse france. And maybe another one with a new french coder (jumbo) that lately joined pulse from movement (amiga).

Sacrilege: We can know more about that?

Antony: Well, I don't know, maybe they'll kill me... anyway : first project will be coded by ICE, the guy that coded the 'famous cyber people' intro. It should feature many 3d animations. Other project should be experimental and bring something unusual to the demo scene. Jumbo is the guy that coded 'sex in a bubble gum faktory' on amiga, and also many intros with movement.

Sacrilege: Well, Do you know defcon mag?

Antony: Yes i've seen issue 2 of this diskmag... there was a good tune from dune if i can remember...Looks it is difficult to make a good mag today because it requires a bunch of time.

Sacrilege: What are the diskmags you read?

Antony: hum... I don't read a lot of diskmags, and I don't watch a lot of demos too...I read Hugi and Defcon because their editors advertised them to me.. but that's all.. On amiga I was a far better reader of stuff like eurochart or zine or raw.

Sacrilege: Now, do you work in the video game? if not where?

Antony: I don't work in the video game, since I don't want to loose my graphic style and feel more interested in other medias. Well, today I am doing some advertising art direction (tv&print), also web design, type design, and some fine arts in art galleries. Lately I finished a 3d animation movie called "we know who shot kennedy" and that should be released in a video festival in sao paulo.

Sacrilege: Wahoo, good jod!

Sacrilege: Now, I'll say some words and you'll have to tell me what it inspire you (in a word too)...

Antony: ok!

Sacrilege: Deluxe paint? Antony: the roots!
Sacrilege: popeye ? Antony: jean-paul gaultier model!
Sacrilege: Ahaha Scans? Antony: sometimes useful!
Sacrilege: reve? Antony: better than nightmares!
Sacrilege: miel pops? Antony: I did a TV spot for them!
Sacrilege: yeah! The scene? Antony: sometimes funny, sometimes boring!

Sacrilege: IRC?

Antony: chats when having dinner!

Sacrilege: design?

Antony: powerful!

Sacrilege: Mad cow?

Antony: gives inspiration!

Sacrilege: Can I have your email for the readers if they want to contact you?

Antony: complete email & urls : -email-

Sacrilege: Ok, thanks for your fun A last word?

Antony: euh, well, I hope you 'readers will enjoy the newest website from pulse that will be online in september/october 98.

Interview perforfed by Sacrileg

Ghandy | 2007-07-17
His website is quite impressing I must say!
s!nk | 2008-06-15
DRD rox! great amiga french band
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