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Xernobyl (alien)(dream) (18.06.2007) (survey) coder

Survey of Xernobyl
Job: coder

Survey submitted: Mon 18 Jun 2007 - 01:18:56

Handle, ex-handle(s):
xernobyl, xrl, file_id.diz

Name, birthday, origin:
Tiago Chagas Farto, 1985/03/07, Portugal

Group, ex-group(s):

What was your first group, your role in that group and what did that group produce?:
alien)(dream. coder, mostly nothing but I did a 4kb

What motivates you to spend time on the scene?:
Friendship, watching demos, listening music, chalenge...

What is your favorite color?:
Depends of the bra's color

On what platform(s) did you begin your computing journey, and when was this?:
PC, 1991/2

What platform(s) do you use now?:

What is/are your favorite piece(s) of music/s - from a demo production or a scener (released outside of a demo)?:
enigma by tip & firefox from the amiga demo of the same name

What is/are your favorite picture(s) - from a demo production or a scener (released outside of a demo)?:
I can't pick any best one.

Which project that you worked on was the most exciting and interesting for you? And why?:
o efeito japonês, because it was the only thing that I really tried finishing.

What is your favorite demo, intro, megademo, retrogame, slideshow, musicdisk, diskmag, wilddemo?:
There are a lot of prods that make me freeze while watching, none in particular comes to my mind when I think in a favorite one.

Discuss: minimalistic demos, cracktros, fucktros, joke demos, lamers, compo winners at big parties, demotools, diskmags, chiptunes, glenz vectors, programming languages, photoshop, textmode:
I'll be happy as long os ppl try to express themselves.

What percentage of modern demos are 3d flybys?:
Pure flybys? 15%

What percentage of older demos are the same effects recycled?:

What platform(s) needs more demos?:
Nintendo DS, Gameboy Color, and all other platforms

Which parties do you intend to go to, and which parties would you like to go to? Please describe your personal experiences with your most favourite or impressive party you have ever been at.:
Going: Euskal, pretending to go: Evoke.
The best party that I've been to was the infamous Inércia Demoparty 2005 for the simple reason it was my first party and after that moment I started seeing some ppl I met there almost every month.

How did the scene alter since you are taking an active part in it? Can you explain why?:
Nothing, because I'm too young in the scene.

What are your dreams/goals in life, did scene help you and have you achieved them yet?:
Win a scene award, do something useful (that helps) someone, get a decent girlfriend. Being a scener doesn't help the last one. Oh well.

Finally, do you have some special greetings? Feel free to add links to your graphics, screenshots of effects, modules or other pieces of your work.:
I greet everyone! My presentable work resumes itself to some random photos.

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