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Premium (Paradise, Desire, TiTAN) (07.06.2006) (survey) graphician

Survey of Premium
Job: graphician

Survey submitted: Thu 07 Jun 2007 - 18:49:17

Handle, ex-handle(s):

Name, birthday, origin:
Mike, born 10.02.1975, in Germany

Group, ex-group(s):
Paradise, Desire, TiTAN

What was your first group, your role in that group and what did that group produce?:
PARADISE, joined back in as GFX-Artist, we produced some neat stuff and had the big release in 92 with Virtual Meltdown.

What motivates you to spend time for the scene?:
The fun, the friendship, and to be in a creative Team and its completely different than my normal job

What is your favorite color?:
hmm amiga os1.3 blue

On what platform(s) did you begin your computing journey, and when was this?:
In the early 80´s my Dad brought some TI99/4A home and I started with some lame BasicListings printed in various Mags.

What platform(s) do you use now?:
PC, Amiga

What is/are your favorite piece(s) of music(s) - from a demo production or a scener (released outside of a demo)?:
One of my alltime favs is "return of the yeti" Axel^Brainstorm, and everything that beeps and bleeps mostly chiptunes

Which graphician, in and outside the demoscene, inspirated you the most?:
Nose^Paradise, one of my best friends back the days, learned lots stuff from him. Hope he´ll answer someday one of my million mails I've send to him. And all the great Logo painting Heros like J.O.E, Angeldawn, H2O, Alien^PDX^TTN and so on.

What is/are your favorite picture(s) - from a demo production or a scener (released outside of a demo)?:
Too many good pics, but i like Helge´s Breakpoint contribution.

What's the procedure when you start a new picture?:
Opening Gfx Prog and then waiting for ideas .... can take long time.

What drawing/3d program are you using the most to express yourself? Why?:
DPaint, and Photoshop. Why?? Dpaint coz it's THE GfxProg and Photoshop hmmm maybe all my friends use this and could give me some hints at the beginning.

Do you draw on any other platforms beside computers? (Painting, Graffiti etc):
Not much time left for this.

Which project that you worked on was the most exciting and interesting for you? And why?:
Our Virtual Meltdown back in 92, it was real cool to make a 2Disk Demo without the modern communication ways like email and messenger stuff. Pixeling stuff, sending to coder, weeks later, answer, change this.. change that... sending again and so on. It was like Xmas if a new working part came per mail to your home. And to see that it was possible to release it at THE PARTY 92

What is your favorite demo, intro, megademo, retrogame, slideshow, musicdisk, diskmag, wilddemo?:
Favourite demo... hm i would say 1995, most FR stuff is cool and many other stuff. But one thing, i´ll never forget, Keops^Equinox "State of the Art invitation intro". Hell yeah i love this. Everything what a good intro needs is in there, scroller, plasma, glenz, rotozoomer. It was the thing which inspired me in 2004 to continue scene stuff after 12years of lazyness.

Discuss: minimalistic demos, cracktros, fucktros, joke demos, lamers, compo winners at big parties, demotools, diskmags, chiptunes, glenz vectors, programming languages, photoshop, textmode :
Everything has his +/-. If the people behind the stuff have fun its ok for me .

What percentage of modern demos are 3d flybys?:

What percentage of older demos are the same effects recycled?:

What platform(s) needs more demos?:
ATARI and Amiga. Maybe some strange stuff like Pokemon Mini, that rocked hard.

Which parties do you intend to go to, and which parties would you like to go to? Please describe your personal experiences with your most favourite or impressive party you have ever been at.:
After years of not being part of the scene i visit BP2006 and was really impressed how professional all the stuff was organized.

How did the scene alter since you are taking an active part in it? Can you explain why?:
It´s getting more and more professional, but its still underground. You can't compare scene stuff from early 90´s or 80´s with the actual scenestuff.

What are your dreams/goals in life, did scene help you and have you achieved them yet?:
At the moment everything is more than perfect, I have a nice wife and everything is fine. Hmm don't know if scene really helped for that but I got many friends through scene what in some ways helped a lot.

Finally, do you have some special greetings? Feel free to add links to your graphics, screenshots of effects, modules or other pieces of your work.:
Big greets to my group mates, special hellos to Rebb, hope to meet you again in the future. Wiseman keep on making cool tunes. Whoopee, you can do it .
Keops^Eqx keep on making stunning prods, Alien^BF you are a real scene knowledge database . Stingray, keep on coding. Irokos^Titan, you french fruit, keep on your work. And all who know me

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