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pROF (4th Dimension) (30.04.2010) (survey) graphician

Survey of pROF
Job: graphician

Survey submitted: Fri 30 Apr 2010

Handle, ex-handle(s):
pROF, (ex-RAYman)

Name, birthday, origin:

Aleksey Rusakov, 08.11.1976, Perm, Russia

Group, ex-group(s):

4th Dimension (4D)

What was your first group, your role in that group and what did that group produce?:

4D is the first and the last. Role: raphics artist, designer, booze fella =)
Demos we produced: melange, gd birthsday party, harm, detroyt, weed, traumwerk, nature rules, kkolor, electrogodzilla & pink socks, ugly kid and magic star, machined, aeon. Games: moorhuhn: first blood, demomania, and other prods.

What motivates you to spend time on the scene?:

Moral satisfaction from all that I’ve created by my own hands. Meeting with friends and other people, who keeping scene alive.

What is your favorite color?:

Black in the past, for now is no difference.

On what platform(s) did you begin your computing journey, and when was this?:
ZX Spectrum. In the far 1987 year, was a first time when i saw Speccy at my friend’s home.

What platform(s) do you use now?:

What is/are your favorite piece(s) of music(s) - from a demo production or a scener (released outside of a demo)?:
It’s more easy to just say the names: Agent-X, Andyfer, Baze, BlackLord, Fatal Snipe, Gasman, Ironman, Jaan, Karbofos, Key-Jee, KSA, Mast, Megus, mm
Which graphician, in and outside the demoscene, inspirated you the most?:
There is many of them.
I like artists who have not the most complex techniques, but artists, who made the works filled with some sort of special atmosphere, which excites the most. For example: Hieronymus Bosch, HR Giger, Salvador Dali. From the scene: Nytric, Cyclone, Cannibal (ZX). I can’t count them all, but I think you understand me.

What is/are your favorite picture(s) - from a demo production or a scener (released outside of a demo)?:
ZX Spectrum: 2_SIGHTS by Pheel (I think it’s the best Spectrum picture ever), Mystery (the best Diver’s work), all the Riskej’s works in gigascreen mode and his “Animeshon” multigiga work, which looks incredibly fresh.
C64: Veto (for unique style), OYS (I just like his works!), Ptoing (absolutely mindblowing pics) and of course Mermaid (most of them can exalt a lot).

What's the procedure when you start a new picture?:
It’s different every time.
I can start the picture in my mind, then I will find some images for reference, do the sketches with paper+pencil or my wacom, then draw with graphics editor. Or I can just sit down and draw something from scratch to final stage only in graphics editor.

What drawing/3d program are you using the most to express yourself? Why?:
Burial Graphics Editor v3.05 (BGE), today it’s most advanced graphics editor for ZX Spectrum. There is also Excess Deluxe Paint (EDP), but unfortunately it’s unfinished as tool. And the last days I’m experimenting with MultiArtist (gigascreen and multigiga grapihics editor) by TmK, which has no alternatives at all to draw in that giga modes.

Do you draw on any other platforms beside computers? (Painting, Graffiti etc):
Just some sketches at paper with pencil or pen.

Which project that you worked on was the most exciting and interesting for you? And why?:
All the demos which I was involved. It’s impossible to describe with the words, you need to try it to understand me. And of course the game development. There is not so much games, and they was not so big, but it’s very interesting work too.

What is your favorite demo, intro, megademo, retrogame, slideshow, musicdisk, diskmag, wilddemo?:

Binary Love by DR, Power Up by Megacode/Extreme, Shit 4 Brains by PGS, Eye Ache 2 by Code Busters. That was the first trackmos I’ve seen at ZX Spectrum, and they will be always in my mind, they defined the directions where to move in ZX Spectrum demomaking. Later I saw much more demos, but they was less exciting, and the first impressions still the strongest.

Discuss: minimalistic demos, cracktros, fucktros, joke demos, lamers, compo winners at big parties, demotools, diskmags, chiptunes, glenz vectors, programming languages, photoshop, textmode:
Why discuss? Go create!

What percentage of modern demos are 3d flybys?:

What percentage of older demos are the same effects recycled?:
Even more.

What platform(s) needs more demos?:
Of course ZX Spectrum! Self comes the first =)

Which parties do you intend to go to, and which parties would you like to go to? Please describe your personal experiences with your most favourite or impressive party you have ever been at:
Enlight’97 was the party I would like to go. There will be nothing like that and I would like to experience the atmosphere of the biggest party in Russia ever by amount of visitors.
Most exciting party was my first party – Chaos Constructions’99. I can’t describe all my impressions, but the red line was the discovery that all “scene gods” are the usual people, which I can easily conversate and drink a cup of beer together =)

How did the scene alter since you are taking an active part in it? Can you explain why?:

Scene became more public and more commercial.

What are your dreams/goals in life, did scene help you and have you achieved them yet?:
I have usual dreams. To conquer the world (for what?), marry Bill Gates daughter (she is not exist), etc.
Scene is a way to express myself, it is my personal medicine from the madness.

Finally, do you have some special greetings? Feel free to add links to your graphics, screenshots of effects, modules or other pieces of your work:
Greets to all spectrum sceners! And to everyone who read that!

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