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Jok - Telekinesis (Comment by: jok 2016-06-06)
22 colours (Amiga OCS palette)
22zddr - Zapalka (Comment by: jok 2016-06-06)
I guess its old piece?
Slayer - Drowned Lullabies (Comment by: farf 2016-06-02)
You're raising the bar on this one mate..
Rogal - Miasto W Obiektywie (Comment by: Creonix 2016-06-02)
nice very oldschool
Jok - Xenos (Comment by: elend 2016-06-01)
Already looks awesome, keep working on it!
Slayer - Drowned Lullabies (Comment by: Serpent 2016-05-28)
Glass reflection does it for 10 points
Slayer - Drowned Lullabies (Comment by: Inc 2016-05-27)
well done mate
Jok - Xenos (Comment by: prowler 2016-05-26)
80% is better than nothing!
Slayer - Drowned Lullabies (Comment by: prowler 2016-05-26)
Truely enjoyable!
Jok - Xenos (Comment by: jok 2016-05-25)
I'm working on it
It will be there, but I need some time
Jok - Xenos (Comment by: at0m 2016-05-25)
I'm waiting for the final version.
Leon - Back To The Tree (Comment by: elend 2016-05-20)
Heh, featuring a portrait of Leia.
Severin - Owltomatic (Comment by: jok 2016-05-20)
interesting design, textures to strong/generic for this type of gfx imho
cool work anyway!
Offwhite - A Brave New World (Comment by: Frogg 2016-05-07)
Colors are brilliant, the character of the mouse is meaning and offers a feeling of freedom ; normal cats do not like the water generally
The whole gives an impression of a screenshot of a cartoon.
Nevertheless only the mouse on its boat gives a sensation of movement, the rest of the image adorned me strangely statics.
Duce - Huhuu (Comment by: ALiEN^bf 2016-05-07)
Just great!
Carrion - Waiting for Inspiration (Comment by: prowler 2016-04-21)
The c64 computer looks a bit pale in the picture, maybe the light setting is off? Anyways, love the image as a whole!
Carrion - Schizarrion (Comment by: prowler 2016-04-21)
Carrion - Kraken Versus Tripod (Comment by: prowler 2016-04-21)
Very nice isometric picture, with an awesome setting. Love it!
Bitflippr - Old habits die hard logo (Comment by: Bjoppen 2016-04-20)
Bitflippr/iNSANE made this!
_unknown_ - Logo Eqx27 (Comment by: Bjoppen 2016-04-20)
Possibly Jonez/equinox as well. He did use to tag his gfx though, so I am not sure.
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