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Rogal - Miasto W Obiektywie (Comment by: Creonix 2016-06-02)
nice very oldschool
Jok - Xenos (Comment by: elend 2016-06-01)
Already looks awesome, keep working on it!
Slayer - Drowned Lullabies (Comment by: Serpent 2016-05-28)
Glass reflection does it for 10 points
Slayer - Drowned Lullabies (Comment by: Inc 2016-05-27)
well done mate
Jok - Xenos (Comment by: prowler 2016-05-26)
80% is better than nothing!
Slayer - Drowned Lullabies (Comment by: prowler 2016-05-26)
Truely enjoyable!
Jok - Xenos (Comment by: jok 2016-05-25)
I'm working on it
It will be there, but I need some time
Jok - Xenos (Comment by: at0m 2016-05-25)
I'm waiting for the final version.
Leon - Back To The Tree (Comment by: elend 2016-05-20)
Heh, featuring a portrait of Leia.
Severin - Owltomatic (Comment by: jok 2016-05-20)
interesting design, textures to strong/generic for this type of gfx imho
cool work anyway!
Offwhite - A Brave New World (Comment by: Frogg 2016-05-07)
Colors are brilliant, the character of the mouse is meaning and offers a feeling of freedom ; normal cats do not like the water generally
The whole gives an impression of a screenshot of a cartoon.
Nevertheless only the mouse on its boat gives a sensation of movement, the rest of the image adorned me strangely statics.
Duce - Huhuu (Comment by: ALiEN^bf 2016-05-07)
Just great!
Carrion - Waiting for Inspiration (Comment by: prowler 2016-04-21)
The c64 computer looks a bit pale in the picture, maybe the light setting is off? Anyways, love the image as a whole!
Carrion - Schizarrion (Comment by: prowler 2016-04-21)
Carrion - Kraken Versus Tripod (Comment by: prowler 2016-04-21)
Very nice isometric picture, with an awesome setting. Love it!
Bitflippr - Old habits die hard logo (Comment by: Bjoppen 2016-04-20)
Bitflippr/iNSANE made this!
_unknown_ - Logo Eqx27 (Comment by: Bjoppen 2016-04-20)
Possibly Jonez/equinox as well. He did use to tag his gfx though, so I am not sure.
_unknown_ - Logo Byterapersbr14 (Comment by: Bjoppen 2016-04-20)
Jonez/Eqinox? He did stuff for alot of groups, and was a member of Byterapers for some time. Reminds me of his style, but not entirely sure, think he was in Byterapers early, and not sure if he was this skilled at that time. There's nothing saying he couldn't have done it later on though.
_unknown_ - Equinox2 (Comment by: Bjoppen 2016-04-20)
Jonez/Equinox? He did alot of the gfx for Top 20, so this might just be him. Not sure though.
Farfar - Done Move That Stove Boy (Comment by: farf 2016-04-08)
the title is actually "Done .. ", it was a poor attempt at a redneck way of talking.

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