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2014-12-15 - CONS : Finnish Amiga Party 2014 compo gfx added
2014-12-09 - CONS : Abstract 2002 compo gfx added
2014-12-09 - CONS : Silly Venture 2014 gfx added
2014-12-06 - CONS : Altparty 2014 compo gfx added
2014-12-01 - CONS : If you like timelapse videos of pixelart, please check Present and Past by Prowler which won Datastorm 2014. Its amazing!
2014-11-30 - Grip : Lovely art from Compusphere 2014 added
2014-11-22 - CONS : VOC 2003 gompo gfx added
2014-11-21 - CONS : Underscore 2003 compo gfx added
2014-11-19 - CONS : Graphics from Syntax 2014 added to the database
2014-11-19 - CONS : TUM 2003 entries reworked
2014-11-17 - CONS : Spectrum graphics from Lodz 2014 added to the database. Shout outs to!
2014-11-10 - CONS : X 2014 gfx compo and demo graphics added by veto.
2014-11-09 - CONS : Kindergarden 2014 compo gfx added
2014-11-07 - CONS : Towel 2003 gfx compo enteis added
2014-11-01 - CONS : The Gathering 2003 compo gfx added
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